The Fancy Bring E-commerce to Google+

Last week saw the launch of a new partnership between the Fancy and Google who have teamed up to provide an e-commerce to the social network. As well as know, online shopping continues to grow every year from holiday period to holiday period. Google+ has now joined other social networks such as Facebook (Facebook gifts) by implementing an ecommerce function.

ecommerce social mediaThis new aspect of Google+ is a result of a partnership with ‘The fancy’ who are one of the first to use new ‘sign in with Google+’ button that Google also launched in last week. The fancy also has the function of purchasing without having to leave the site. This sign in function is being prominently displayed above both Twitter and Facebook sign in options. The new function features a ‘buy-now’ option.

What does this mean for E-commerce organisations? Social Media can be very powerful for recommendations and e-commerce companies on Google + are now in position to take full advantage of this. A Study has shown that consumers are up to 71% more likely to make a purchase if it has been recommended via social media. It’s now commonplace to share your experiences on social media for both services and products.

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Recently, in terms of SEO, the emphasis and importance of Google+ has been elevated giving another reason to pay closer attention to the platform in the near future. Get in touch with our social media experts today to find out how you can use social to really boost not only your revenue, but your brand.


Published on 04/03/2013

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