How brands can use Twitter Vine app


twitter vine usesThe Vine app was introduced in January 2012 and was seen as a major upgrade by Twitter, letting users add short videos to their tweets. The time frame of the video presents challenges to marketers looking to monetize the Vine application. As with character limits on tweets, the videos are designed to be short and to the point, eliminating lengthy waffly messages.

How can I use Vine?

It is yet to be seen if the Vine application will be a huge hit, but markers should be aware of vine and how to capitalise from it. Its true that most online videos can be monetized by adding ads banners and pre-roll videos, however, this is not possible with the new Vine application which poses challenges to marketers.

Here are some ideas about how your brand can use vine to encourage engagement:

  1. Location - a feature very popular with Facebook, Vine allows you to tag the geo-location of your video. This may be something to play with for restaurants or business aiming to attract local customers. Creating a short video promotion and adding to your tweet could differentiate your restaurant from competing restaurants on Twitter.
  2. Behind the scenes footage - short videos of events and behind the scenes footage will create interest and engagement. Cat walks, award ceremonies, presentations, you name it, people always want to see what goes on behind the scenes.
  3. Customer vine videos - ask customers to upload short videos of themselves using your product or services. For example if you are in the craft industry, encourage users to send videos of how they create their product. Or if you are in the fashion industry - videos of people sporting your clothes. Its quick easy and fun.
  4. Short demonstrations - depending on the type of business or service you offer, short demonstrations could be possible. This could be showing your customers how to use a feature on your new smartphone, or a short tutorial about how to cook something. Remember the videos can be paused at any time giving the user more time to follow the instructions.

Twitter has over 500 million users so make sure you experiment with this new platform as a new visual way of conveying product offerings or even improving customer service. There are many other ways Vine can be used for engagement on twitter - get experimenting! 

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