Time for Some Winter Sun?


It is now the time of year when the winter days seem long and us Brits look for some much needed winter sun.

Although Spring is on its way, it is still a long time until we will get warm weather, so your best bet for some sun this winter is to head to a hotter country.

Countries like Africa and India have warmer climates all year around and you can enjoy a really different culture when visiting these countries.

If you want to head to a hot city then Dubai or Marrakech are great choices because they have a mixture of fantastic history and architecture; as well as fantastic night life, restaurants and access to great beaches.

Countries in the Southern hemisphere are now in the midst of their summer, so visiting Australia or New Zealand are also great choices for winter sun.

Of course the beach is a big part of Aussie life, but there are also some great cities in Australia including Melbourne, Sydney and Perth.

In New Zealand you can experience beautiful countryside and fantastic heritage; it is a great place for those with an adventurous spirit who enjoy the outdoor life.  

So whichever country you choose for some much needed winter sun, there is the promise of sunshine and warm weather to look forward to.

If you would like to browse some winter sun brochures, then order up to seven travel brochures for free at Brochure Bank. This is a fantastic, easy to use website that helps you plan your next holiday.

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