Hair Transplants Explained

Hair transplants have become more widely available over the last few years, freeing men from the worry of hair loss. Whether the patient has hair that is beginning to thin or significant hair loss, all stages of male pattern balding can be treated with hair transplants.

A hair transplant brings permanent results, because transplanted hair re-grows in the scalp like new. There are two types of hair transplant available, the Follicular Unit Transplantation (FUT) and the Follicular Unit Extraction (FUE). They both take hair from the lower part of the head that isn't prone to hair loss and transplant it into the scalp.

The difference is that the FUT transplant takes a strip of hair and the FUE transplant takes the hairs one by one. The FUT treatment covers large areas of hair loss and the FUE is used for more targeted areas. These two hair transplant procedures can be used in conjunction.

There are many hair treatment clinics out there that offer these types of hair transplant. You New Clinic, a leader in hair transplant technology, provide FUT and FUE hair transplants as well as many other hair treatments.

You New Clinic can help men and women affected by debilitating hair loss to gain confidence in their appearance once again. 

Published on 30/04/2012

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