Email Marketing is rated higher for ROI than any other digital marketing channel


Email Marketing is rated  higher for ROI than any other digital marketing channel.  This is the findings of the recently published report "Email Marketing Census 2009\' which is published by Adestra.

This is one of the more authoritative sources of UK specific email marketing information, being based on a survey of a large number of UK based marketing managers. Over 1,000 respondents took part in the 2009 census, and online survey which took place in January and February 2009.

The Email Marketing Census 2009 looked at the amount and type of email marketing carried out by organisations and the way that email marketing is conducted. It also considered issues affecting the digital marketing industry and the effectiveness of email marketing compared to other digital marketing channels.

This email marketing census showed that:

  • In 2008/2009  email marketing is rated as ‘excellent’ or ‘good’ for ROI by over 78% of respondents. This is higher than for any other digital marketing channel.
  • About half of those who responded are using hosted email solutions, similar to the hosted Cornish Emailer system to manage theur email campaigns.
  • Over half of those who responded are sending over 50,000 emails per month. With a solution such as the Cornish-Emailer this would cost from £900 per month and include full address management, reporting and analysis tools, essential when managing such large numbers of email addresses.
  • One of the survey questions asked about skills and training. The numbers of people responding that this is an issue has fallen from 2008. email marketing is becoming easier and more accessible to organisations of all kinds, partly helped by the easy to use hosted solutions now available.

For more information on the Cornish Emailer, please contact Cornish Webservices. More information on the Cornish Emailer is available at Cornish Emailer Guide.

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