Email marketing campaigns showing impressive returns


Startup email campaigns enjoying click through and action rates of over 40%.

These remarkable results have been obtained in new email marketing campaigns starting March 2008 for two different clients in different industries. Historicaly many well targetted campaigns for Cornish WebServices clients have acheived 20% click through and action rates, but the above results are unusually good.

How do you measure return on investment for an email marketing campaign?

There are various ways, but the most useful involve mesauring the number of people who take some action such as visiting your website or buying a product.

A good html email will achieve a high percentage of actions. Acheiving this requires several things:

Firstly a good product or service to advertise. Some offers work better than others. The most effective offers need to be something definate that a person can see or buy or download or do. Also something interesting with immediate benefit to the email reader.

Secondly this offer must be highly visible in the email. It must be highly visible in the email in preview mode with no images displayed. Back in 2006 Cornish WebServices conducted extensive research into the best designs of html email, and the impact on conversion rate was staggering. A poor html design is effectievly worthless, yet get the html design good (in preview mode) and conversion rates will rocket.

Thirdly the offer must be targetted to the right group of people in the right way. Effective copy writing is important here.

What are good conversion values for Email  Marketing?

Typically 5% is regarded as very good. This is the total conversion made up of both the percent who open the email times the number who undertake an action. So if 20% read the email and 20% click on a link and buy a product (both respectable values) this gives a 4% total conversion.

Spring 2008 must be a good month for email marketing - the average total conversion from campaigns we emailed out for clients in February and March is nearly 10%. With some first time email campaigns enjoying read rates of over 40% and others acheiving click through and action (eg buy/download) rates of a staggering 45% we are wondering if this is a new trend or just a few particularly good campaigns. There results were all achieved using email html templates optimised to aim for high conversion rates.

For most email marketing camapaigns Cornish WebServices create website landing pages and  link these in with Internet Marketing tracking systems to compare the relative values of different forms of advertising.

Contact us for more information on our HTML email marketing template design and email marketing service if you are interested in effective email camapigns.

Please do not contact us if you are more interested in the visual appearance than the marketing value. There are many other design companies who can do this. Cornish WebServices design HTML emails with a marketing aim or purpose.


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