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In order to scan high volumes of documents you need a professional document scanning service. This is where outsourced document scanning solutions come in.

Companies who provide a document scanning service, such as Data Capture Solutions (DCS), can take care of the whole process for you. With the latest high tech equipment, including Kofax Capture and VRS Image Enhancement Software, they can scan up to 500,000 pages a day.

Scanning hard-copy documents in order to create digital files has many benefits. The amount of space you save is one benefit. Imagine converting a whole room full of filed documents into digital files that can all be saved on one computer or memory saving device!

The time spent looking for documents will also be greatly reduced, no more searching through filing cabinets or hunting for documents on people’s desks. Digital files can be shared on an organisations computer network or passed from office to office on a memory stick.

Important files are also less likely to be lost if saved digitally. Paper documents can easily be mislaid if not returned to their rightful place. If you have a digital copy of a document you can save it in multiple places, on computers or memory devices in different locations. This makes the likelihood of losing a digital file very small.

So these are just some of the benefits of document scanning services. The good news is that if you outsource your scanning to a specialist data capture company, the process is also extremely quick and fuss free.

Data Capture Solutions will collect your documents from you, scan them at a fast rate and create quality digital copies, then either return the originals to you or securely shred them if requested. Their processes are backed up by strict quality assurance and data security procedures.

So using the DCS document scanning service brings peace of mind and an assurance that you will get the best possible digital copy of your original documents. For more information visit

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