Document management for records management


Computers have generated more records and files than can be efficiently coped with in traditional filing cabinets. Electronic document management systems provide the answers.

Enterprise document management systems provide an online records management solution. They are a cost effective way of ensuring efficient and accurate records management throughout your organisation.

When a document management system is used for records management there are three areas to consider, namely document capture and storage, document audit trail and document retrieval.

Documents of all types can be captured and stored. Paper documents and books or other printed material can be scanned and the images stored. If the documents contain text then OCR is often used to generate searchable text from the document. Electronic files of all kinds including emails, audio and video content are indexed and stored. An important part of these systems is the cataloguing of the documents for retrieval by search later on.

A good document management system provides an audit trail of when documents are created, how they documents change with time, who changed them and links to related documents.

The document management system can be interrogated to provide answers to specific queries.  Documents of all types can be retrieved efficiently using one or more fast search algorithms.

A document management systems for records management  includes the FileStore EDM system produced by DCS.

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