Kofax Document Scanning Software

Kofax is a type of document scanning software that provides excellent solutions for data capture and exchange. It is ideal for businesses who want to capture and organise their data digitally, in an extremely efficient way.

The award-winning Kofax software automates document driven business processes by managing the capture and exchange of important information. In other words it allows paper documents to be captured and shared in a more efficient way digitally.

Kofax document imaging software provides automated data that can then be stored, shared and aggregated in order to make businesses more efficient. Kofax works directly with existing IT platforms and applications, so there is no need for organisations to overhaul their entire IT system.

Once the Kofax software has captured the data, it can be exchanged automatically with anyone across the world, in any format. This makes businesses processes and transactions much quick and more efficient.

Kofax software is available in a number of task specific solutions. It has solutions and modules to enable every data capture and sharing process to be streamlined and modernised for the 21st century.

To find out more about the range of Kofax software solutions visit the Data Capture Solutions website to browse information about each Kofax product and what they can do for your business.

Published on 24/09/2012

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