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Kofax is the leading scanning and data capture software that provides a number of solutions for data automation needs within busy offices and organisations.

Kofax document imaging software is versatile and practical, synching with companies’ existing IT platforms. It provides a quick and easy way to capture, organise and share a wide variety of information and data previously stored in a non-digital format.

There are a wide choice of Kofax products that provide solutions for a variety of data capture needs. Kofax Capture collates documents and forms, then transforms them into accurate and retrievable information.

There is also a mobile version of Kofax Capture which allows the customer to capture documents using their Smartphone or Tablet. Kofax Mobile Capture is great for busy businesses or people on the go.

There are also add-on modules for Kofax Capture that enable specific tasks to be performed. The Kofax Transformation Modules allow the transformation of documents into structured electronic information, ready for use in a variety of business processes.

The Kofax e-Transactions system works alongside the Transformation Modules in order to automate the electronic delivery of captured documents via secure email, enabling businesses to quickly and efficiently share documents.

Plus the really useful Kofax Front End Server product enables customer-facing employees to trigger back office business processes from front end office equipment such as digital photocopiers and desktop scanners.

So there are a wide variety of data capture possibilities available with Kofax document scanning software. Kofax really is the next generation solution for document scanning that allows efficient business process automation. For more information visit www.datacapture.co.uk 

Published on 08/12/2012

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