Case management software


Insurance companies, solicitors, healthcare companies and management consultants are businesses which traditionally have a lot of paperwork, or online files, which are sent from one person to another for approval and processing.

A huge amount of time and cost is spent in ensuring these bits of paper or electronic files get to the right person in the right place and at the right time. This is a costly overhead, preventing staff from getting on with the fee paying work.

The solution?

Use case management software to automate the routine and standard business processes.

Businesses can use Case Management Software to substantially cut overhead costs and improve the efficiency of business systems. A good case management system will:

  • Automate the common business processes and easy tasks
  • Allow experienced staff to concentrate on the more difficult tasks
  • Show progress of tasks and provide good management information
  • Reduce the costs to process standard items
  • Improves quality through adherence to standard procedures
  • Provides an audit trail of who has done what

An online case management system has other benefits as well. For example it gives greater flexibility in working, allowing working from home or working across global teams. It also reduces your document storage costs, as duplicated paper copies are no longer needed.

One example of an online case management system is FileStore BPM, the Business Processing Management solution from DCS which has Case Management modules for the Legal, Healthcare and other Case based industries.

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