Cornish VLE Launch


Cornish WebServices have now officially launched their new homework management tool for primary schools, the Cornish VLE. The virtual learning system was showcased for the first time at Sturry School on Monday.

They are the first primary school to use the platform, which is great for the local community in Canterbury. Local dignitaries, including City and Parish Councillors, were at the launch to show their support for the time-saving system.

Heather Taylor, Canterbury City Councillor for Sturry South said: "Excellent, the Cornish VLE looks like a really simple system to use. It will help pupils, teachers and parents a lot".


The Cornish VLE is an online platform that is very easy to use. It is a brilliant way for teachers to cut down on homework admin and paperwork and for the school to monitor homework set. Pupils and parents can access it from any home computer and easily record that homework has been done.

Following demonstrations of the system at Sturry School, the teachers are all keen to get started as it will reduce the time taken dealing with homework. It also reduces paperwork, saves on photocopying costs and improves organisation.

 Explaining the Cornish VLE

VLEs are a good way to raise educational standards and develop ICT skills. Cornish WebServices are now marketing the platform to primary schools across the country. The Cornish VLE has been designed specifically for primary schools and is the best system of its kind.

The homework management tool is very adaptable and can be made multilingual. It also has additional features like a news feed to keep parents and pupils up to date with the latest school news.

For more information on the Cornish VLE contact or visit the Cornish VLE website.

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