Why Twitter is a Powerful Business Tool


Mention social media to a group of managers and you will be sure to have divided opinion with regards to the effectiveness of the use of social media, in a business context. Some say it is a passing fad and won’t last long, other say it is a waste of time. However, when managed responsibly and sensibly, social media can greatly benefit your business.

Twitter for Business

Six degrees of separation

This is the idea that everyone on average 6 steps from another person in the world. A friend-of-a-friend chain can be made to connect any two people in six steps or fewer. This is a phenomenon that makes platforms like twitter and linked in such a valuable business tool. On average, about 50% of twitters 5.2billion+ users are only 4 steps away from each other, whilst the average distance is 4.67 steps.

The power of retweeting

How is this related to business? Using the six degrees of separation concept, retweeting does not have to travel far to reach a huge audience and achieve a significant reach. For example, the tweet will be visible to all your followers say 500. If even 2% of those followers retweet to their 500 followers, you achieve a reach of 5500 people and so on. The person you want to target to is always up to 5 people away and businesses can’t afford to ignore the huge reach that twitter covers. And here’s the punch line, it’s free.

Are there other advantages?

There are many advantages of being on twitter i.e the SEO benefits. Twitter is a powerful way of improving your searchability and online presence through hash tags in descriptions. Twitter is increasingly becoming a popular search tool, hash tagging aims to improve the visibility of your company to users searching for your products and services.

Cornish WebServices can handle all social media platforms. We manage many social media accounts for our clients including multiple Twitter profiles. For more infomration about how we can help you to take full advantage of social media for your business contact us on 0330 555 4680.

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