Snow and Business


It is amazing how a few flakes or a few feet of snow can disrupt the country and many businesses.  Some businesses are better prepared than others for travel disruption.

Cornish WebServices are well prepared for staff being ‘snow bound’, with full and secure access to company systems via online access allowing working from home. This allows provision of an ongoing service.

The snow is often considered simply as an expense and in inconvenience and it is wrongly assumed it will have a negative impact on profits. But this ignores the new marketing  and sales opportunities both for winter-related products and considering the different Internet browsing behaviour seen during the snow.

If we consider the impact of snow on a weekday on search marketing we find that the market looks more like a weekend, offering huge opportunity for ecommerce websites selling products to consumers. Much of the usual  business market does see a reduction in traffic, but not all. This is a time when the senior managers and decision makers in a business often search, and very expensive B2B products or services can get good enquiries at this time, in a similar manner to some Bank Holidays. So snow-bound Britain should be seen as an opportunity for many businesses and not simply as yet another cost.

Large quantities of snow is just one factor that the search marketing team in Cornish WebServices use to adjust marketing campaigns for clients. For example when the snow fell we altered products and offers advertised through some of our managed PPC accounts and we used the heavy snow falls to help generate articles and web interest for our SEO clients.

Having an in-house PPC and SEO team rather than one outsourced offshore gives a huge advantage in terms of fast response to changing market searches as we are aware of what is being reported locally and can adapt the campaigns as required.

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