Millions Prefer Simple Online Browsing and Website Design


There are plenty of people who lack computer skills and prefer to browse easy to navigate websites that give them what they want quickly and simply.

This desire for simplicity from the internet is not surprising as a recent report revealed that 16 million people in the UK lack even the most basic computer skills.

The Booz & Company report says that this skills gap includes activities such as accessing information online, using a search engine plus sending and receiving emails. The organisation who carried out the survey aims to use its findings to improve digital literacy in the UK.


This lack of skills not only effects individual internet users but also small businesses, with the report revealing that only a third of small to medium sized UK businesses have a presence online.

This means many companies are missing out on online revenue, which is particularly damaging for companies that sell products. Many of these are losing the income that could be generated from selling products via the internet.

Often people need to feel inspired to improve their online skills, but once they have discovered the power the internet their interest and knowledge can improve rapidly.

This is where web design consultancies like Cornish WebServices can help. We create websites that are simple to use and well designed. Once we have designed a new website for a business we can train them on how to edit and continually improve it using our simple content management system, the Cornish CMS.

When people see how easy it can be to manage their own website they feel inspired to harness the power of the internet and go onto improve their own computer literacy skills as well as making money from their new online business.

If you would like to enquire how we can create a simple and effective website design for your company and train you on how you can control and manage your site, then contact us today.

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