The Olympic Games Closing Ceremony Concludes a Great British Fortnight!


The Closing Ceremony of the London 2012 Olympic Games last night brought an end to a great two weeks of sport and pride for Great Britain. The glittering concert combined great British music, fashion, theatre and plenty of our world famous eccentricity!

Team GB excelled all expectations by winning 29 Gold Medals at the home Olympics, 10 more than at the previous Beijing Games. Our total medal haul of 65 puts Great Britain in third place overall, a pleasingly successful and perhaps unexpected result!

Investment in sport over the last decade has leveraged GB athletes to become serious contenders on the world’s sporting stage. Olympic sceptics have been shown how well we can do and how investment can reap rewards for sport and the country as a whole.

It is hoped that the 2012 legacy will be continued success in sport in the future and a renewed sense of pride in our achievements. Such a positive outcome is also likely to bring more investment in London and the UK because we have shown the world what we can do.

It is hoped there will be a really positive legacy for British business as a result of the 2012 Games. This is great news for big and small business alike in the difficult economic climate.

The Olympic committee have also pledged to make a success of the Olympic site post games, unlike some other countries where the venues fell into disrepair. The site will continue to host sport as well as having affordable housing and parkland for Londoners to enjoy.

So London, the South East and the rest of the UK will continue to benefit from the 2012 Olympics in years to come. It is great to have hosted an event that has benefited individuals and businesses across the country and will continue to do so in the future.

Cornish WebServices have been supporting the London Olympics. Several staff members went to sporting and events and also watched the Olympic Flame pass through Canterbury.

We are located close to London so it was easy for us to take part in the celebrations and we look forward to the Paralympic Games and more success for Team GB!

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