Contemporary Rug Making


If you are looking for a contemporary floor covering then a stylish rug could be the answer. They can be made to a range of designs and you can even weave your own rug with a simple rug making kit.

Rugs can look good in any room of the house. You can get rugs with a variety of pictures or patterns on them. They can feature eye-catching and fun designs for children. For instance you can create rugs for children’s bedrooms featuring pictures of toys.

You can also purchase rug designs for hallways and porches. These can be long rugs to suit a hallway or small rectangular rugs to fit in a porch. Traditional patterns are available such as floral or traditional ‘persian’ style symmetrical patterns.

As well as rectangular or square rugs, you can also create more unusual shapes such as circular rugs. There are craft websites that sell a range of rug making kits so that you choose a design you like and make you own rug.

Materials for rug making include wool, acrylic yarn, canvas, rug backing, plus hooks for weaving your rug. You can follow easy to use patterns to create a really attractive result. Using wool for rug making ensures a warm and comfortable surface under your feet.

If you are interesting in making rugs yourself, Readicut provide some great kits. This is a useful website that sells a range of craft materials, including a great range of rug making kits, at reasonable prices. For more information visit

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