Shopping for Photo Frames by Internet


The internet is a great way of shopping for last minute gifts. Photo frames make great presents, especially for special events where you are unsure what the people receiving the gift really want. They are also relatively small and easy to post or carry.

You can use the Google shopping search facility to help speed up your search. For example suppose you are after a photo frame for a wedding, you might search for wedding photo frames.

If you do this within Google Shopping the results are just products, not web pages. The following examples are for the Occasion Photo Frames shop.

These appear listed with an image on the left, a description of the product in the centre of the page and prices with and without shipping on the right.

If you compare this to search results from the general search, these take you to the catalogue pages of the website.

The Google Shopping search provides a very useful way of comparing products from multiple shops.

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