Automated Invoice Management gives FSG Big Benefits


Fleet Support Group is the largest independent vehicle management company in the UK and receives about 120,000 supplier invoices per annum. FSG could clearly see that processing paper invoices was taking far too long and could clearly see that a better solution for invoice processing was needed.

Having looked at various solutions FSG selected DCS (Data Capture Solutions) as they have a great deal of experience with invoice processing and accounts payables plus a proven ability to provide a complete invoice processing solution. After reviewing FSG's requirements in detail DCS recommended an on-premise solution for invoice scanning, capturing, indexing and automatic classification, this not only covered all incoming invoices but also credit notes.

This in-house invoice management solution also integrates with FSG's existing ERP system and Microsoft’s SharePoint enabling straight through processing of matched invoices and automated routing of exceptions to the right business approvers.

FSG has been able to greatly reduce the manual effort spent in processing invoices by 9 hours per day thus resulting in significant savings in overheads. In addition, their accounts payable process is now more streamlined and efficient and the number of queries from suppliers has reduced by 50%.

FSG further aims to achieve a paperless office and in line with that the scope of the project has been expanded to capture other types of documents such as MOTs and service documents bring even greater future benefits and savings.

DCS Invoicing Processing Provides:

  • Automatic import of EDI invoices
  • Automated extraction of header and line items
  • Automated matching with PO and optional GRNs
  • Validation of data with your ERP database
  • Automated or manual 'single/multi-person' normal coding
  • Automated route and approval workflow over the web
  • Automated final posting to ERP system
  • Automated archive of invoices
  • Fully automated compliance with various tax requirements
  • Management console and reporting at any time

DCS automated invoice processing includes:

1. An on premise installed solution
2. A hosted system which can be access from any site
3. A fully managed outsource service

Automated invoice processing allows you to:

  • Have better visibility over the whole invoice process
  • Improve transaction tracking
  • Reduce manual errors and improve accuracy
  • Produce accurate and fast liability reports
  • Improved financial compliance
  • Management peak loads easier
  • Handle exception and query handling faster
  • Improve ability to claim early payment discounts

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