New Movies on Demand at Home


Plans were revealed earlier in the year that are set to revolutionise the way new film releases are shown. Leading Hollywood film studios Warner Bros and 20th Century Fox are launching an on-demand service, so that customers can watch new movie releases in the comfort of their own homes.

Perhaps enjoying new movies at home will begin to compete with cinema-going, however people will still want the picture and sound quality you get from going to the cinema. This means, in order to enjoy the film at its best, consumers will need modern home cinema systems.

Home cinema technology has developed greatly in the last few years. There are now modern, flat-screen TVs in a range of sizes that give excellent picture quality. The standard of the film itself has also been greatly enhanced by DVD and now Blu-Ray technology.

3D films are also now available at home. The sound quality of a film has also greatly advance with digital surround sound. So, home cinema technology today is continuing to compete with the real cinema experience.

However, there is nothing quite like going to see a blockbuster in a cinema. Leading film directors agree and are supporting the cinemas, treating the news of on-demand movie downloads with suspicion.

Although, if this does take off, it will make seeing your favourite movie more convenient and it will be worth investing in some quality home cinema equipment and accessories to enhance your experience.

Nothing can ever replace going to the movies, but if you are going to watch films at home there is top of the range picture and sound technology available to make it an enjoyable and absorbing experience.

For an excellent range of equipment visit the Grahams home cinema website. They specialise in quality home cinema systems and can give advice and tailor a bespoke system to suit your needs.

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