Integrated Homes to be huge energy savers

Integrated Homes to be huge energy savers

The advancement and increased energy efficiency of technology in the last decade is predicted to eventually change the way homes are built over the next decade. Energy efficiency is a concern amongst all industries and is a big focus in 2013. Energy usage cuts span all the way from reduced packaging, integrated homes, to online statements in banks, the focus is all about reducing carbon footprint.

We have all heard of the recent energy bill price hike and many people are building towards the future, considering fully integrated homes to hedge against price fluctuations.

integrated homes

Government Backed Initiatives

Those in business would argue that switching to more energy efficient methods has not been initiated because of a general interest in preserving the world’s resources; it is most likely the fact that energy efficient ventures in the past have not been profitable. The introduction of government backed incentives and increased public awareness has spurned companies into developing and using smarter, more energy efficient alternatives and this is no different for construction companies.

Integrated home systems to reduce energy bills

Most of us live in very energy inefficient homes which is a result of the actual infrastructure of our homes. We have many separate, standalone appliances all controlled individually, with basic control over how energy is distributed and used within our houses. Integrated homes are often built from scratch with systems that can be programmed automatically to respond to environmental such as lighting control, entertainment systems such as home cinema and hifi which can be integrated and controlled as one single appliance, heating methods and more. As a result of this optimisation, bills are actually reduced and cost savings made.

With rising bills as well as rising consumer expectations and the never ending development of technology, we can expect a rise in the volume of integrated homes in the future.

Those who can afford fully integrated home systems should see it as a great investment for the enjoyment that is gained from modern home entertainment, but also the long term cost savings made due to increased energy efficiency. 

Published on 10/04/2013

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