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If you enjoy going to see 3D films then how about enjoying them in the comfort of your own home? 3D TVs and other home cinema technology now allow you to get that exciting movie experience.

3D technology provides an enhanced user experience for films; but also for gaming, interactive media and even some TV shows. 3D TVs are becoming increasingly affordable so more people are now embracing the technology and going for 3D in the home.

3D viewing has only been made readily available in the home due to the advancements in digital technology. Digital has allowed filmmakers to create so many more special effects with their films in the cinema and now this technology has crossed over into the home.

Watching your 3D TV requires special 3D glasses. Called Active Shutter Technology glasses, they provide an excellent three dimensional picture that jumps out of the screen at you and really gets you involved in the action.

3D glasses for home cinema are much better quality than the disposable ones you get in the cinema, hence they are more costly. But it is something you will need to invest in if you are going to commit to watching films in 3D.

It is really worth buying a quality 3D TV set too if you are going to get the best experience. Grahams Home Cinema is a leading provider of 3D televisions and technology. They can advise you on all aspects of 3D home cinema and which brand would be best for you.

For more information and to browse Graham’s range of quality 3D home cinema equipment visit www.grahams.co.uk. You can also visit their London shop to get advice on 3D and look at the technology on offer.

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