Benefits of 2D codes in Asset Labels


Although 2D DataMatrix barcodes have been around for some time, they have until recently been seen as a relatively specialised asset tracking solution. However, following acceptance by GS1, the body responsible for the international standards used for traditional UPC/EAN codes, the rate of uptake of 2D barcodes has increased significantly.

2D DataMatrix codes have the capacity to store a wealth of information that can be used to drive decisions and processes traditional technologies/barcodes could simply not provide. With the ability to manage both stacked and composite 2D barcodes, the GS1 system now allows encoding of standard application identifiers such as batch codes, time stamps and expiry dates, while at the same time enabling enhanced security via authentication and traceability.

2D technologies can provide this information without the need for remote database access - personnel in a warehouse can simply scan a 2D barcode on a component using a handheld device to get all the identification information needed, thus helping to improve efficiency and streamline many manual processes.

2D DataMatrix codes provide reliable performance even on curved surfaces and can be produced at extremely small sizes, making them suitable for use with particularly compact or irregularly shaped objects and components.

The system has a many benefits in a diverse range of applications throughout industry for automated routing and assembly, work in process tracking, data entry for quality control testing, product genealogy and lifetime tracking. 2D barcode technology can play an important role in preventing problems, such as fraud, without the need to invest in new IT and RFID systems. For example, cost savings can be realised by minimising the problem of counterfeiting through the use of 2D DataMatrix codes for product tracking and identification. This technology allows the process to be achieved at minimal cost and has the additional benefit of helping to protect brand integrity and providing greater data management.

The rate of uptake has been increased still further with the introduction both of new area imaging scanning systems and, just as importantly, new asset labelling materials for parts and assemblies during handling and storage procedures, as well as prior to dispatch. Dantech have been a supplier of asset labels, metal labels, id aluminium and steel plates with 2D DataMatrix codes for many years and have a wealth of experience in this area of asset tracking.

In recent years, there has been a shift in the perceptions held about 2D DataMatrix code technology; more companies are realising the benefits that can be gained. Driven equally by the introduction of ever more innovative scanning devices, the technology is increasingly helping organisations throughout the supply chain to meet many regulatory requirements and business objectives, while reducing errors and, most importantly, improving productivity and profitability.

Dantech has printed and supplied asset labels since 1990 and are amongst the leaders in the fields of asset labelling solutions and customised asset identification for offices and industry. Visits 

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