60 Years of Barcode Technology


So the barcode may not be the most exciting of inventions at first glance, but take a deeper look and you will find that those thick and thin black lines have revolutionized our lives. The original patent for the barcode was given on 7th October 1952 to Norman Joseph Woodland and Bernard Silver

Tasset labelshey were first used to label railroad cars; however this was not a commercial success. That came when they were used to automate supermarket checkout systems. Since then the barcodes use has spread and is universally recognized as an automatic identification and data capture system.

Barcodes are now everywhere from the packages we receive in the post to the food we buy in the supermarket. Most linear barcodes are unique identifiers that, when read, can be used by a computer to look up additional information about the item. This not only makes them ideal for product identification in shops, but also in asset identification.

Barcodes and Asset Identification

When protecting valuable fixed assets using an asset tag or label with the company name and a number may be a good simple way to identify and track assets by adding a barcode that label in very much the same space can contain so much more.

Asset labels, tags and plates not only identify the items as belonging to your company they also deters theft and misappropriation while also help to track an items history include allocation, maintenance and condition.

Good asset management saves companies money and encourages staff to take personal responsibility for the items in their care. For more information on asset marking or to discuss your requirements in more detail call Dantech on 01354 688 488 or visit http://www.idassetlabels.co.uk/

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