Alcohol and Sexual Health


Alcohol can cause people to act differently to usual and to behave in a more risky way when it comes to sex.

For many people drinking lowers their inhibitions and they may be inclined to have sex more readily when they’re drunk. They may also be more likely to have sex with someone they normally wouldn’t when they’re drunk. Drunk people may also be more likely to take risks with their sexual health.

It is illegal but it’s a fact that children younger than 16 do sometimes get hold of alcohol and there is a risk of them having sex under-age or getting into situations which they are not equipped to cope well with.

Unprotected sex can mean an unplanned pregnancy or an STD like chlamydia, gonorrhoea or HIV, which can’t currently be cured.

Before you drink any alcohol you should make a pact to stay with your friends and to let them know when you’re going anywhere. You should look out for each other and make sure your friends are not in any danger when they’re drunk.

Be careful of drinking too much and be aware that if you get drunk you may be more likely to become lax about safe sex. Drink slowly and drink some soft drinks as well as alcoholic ones to stay in control. Never try to keep up with other people’s drinking.

Carry some condoms with you and don’t be afraid to be frank about insisting on one being worn. Keep some at home and buy from a machine if you don’t have any and there’s a chance you might have sex.

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