Alcohol and Relationships


Alcohol can have an impact on personal relationships.

It’s true that alcohol can help things along at the start of a relationship for some people. Many couples meet when out drinking and alcohol can loosen people up and make them feel more confident and talkative. Many couples enjoy a drink together to relax on an evening and in many cases this is fine.

However, excessive drinking can cause relationship problems. It lowers inhibitions but sometimes this can be negative. When they’re drunk some people say hurtful or nasty things or behave in a way that seems out of character. Some people become violent, loud or overly flirty when they have been drinking.

Excessive drinking brings out aggression and an argumentative side in some people which can damage relationships. It is not uncommon for people to say things they regret when they have drunk too much. In some cases, these comments can’t be taken back or forgiven by the other party.

Alcohol can also expose the problems in a relationship. If a couple regularly argues about the same issues when they have been drinking, it’s a good sign to have a frank discussion about them when sober.

If drinking is within the recommended government limits it’s unlikely to cause relationship damage.

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