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Can you give us some example website prices?

The website design prices given below are indications of the costs of various aspects of a website design.

Contact us for a realistic website design quotation as there are so many different options that influence the overall price. We offer significant discounts for charities and non-profit making organisations.

Website maintenance is also a consideration. Cornish Webservices make changes to the main contact details for free as it is very important that a website remains up to date. We also offer very competitive rates for enhancing or extending any website designs that we have created.

When considering the cost of a website, you also need to consider the cost of hosting the website. Some web hosting companies offer cut price websites that tie you into an expensive annual or monthly hosting contract. All our prices include hosting on a reliable external server, with provision of web statistics if required. However we do not require clients to use any specific host.

Prices for different types of websites

Small basic website prices

The price of a small basic website of about 5 pages varies from £250 - £700. This includes some graphics, probably a company logo and a link through to an email address. Having more than one page is very advantageous with regards to search engine optimisation.

The exact number of pages in the website does not affect the price very much; the website price is more influenced by the amount of design work required, the complexity of the information required and the manner in which the information is provided.

The website price is a one-off payment (unlike some good looking offers that require an annual fee), and includes hosting for one year if required.

Standard website prices

The price of a standard website of about 6-30 pages varies from £500 - £1,700. This gives a small business or organisation a very effective marketing tool and website. This price includes graphics and a link through to an email address, and may include other features. The website will be accessible to all and optimised for search engines. It will be submitted to the major search engines and relevant directories. This also includes maintenance for one year.

The exact number of pages does not affect the website price very much. The cost of the website is more influenced by the amount of design work required, the complexity of the menu structure required and the manner in which the information is provided. This type of website could be extended very easily up to about 80 pages.

Larger website prices

For larger website prices, contact us for a quote. We have existing clients for whom we have designed large websites with many 100's of pages.

The cost of large websites very much depends on the type of information within the pages and how it is given to us. If all the page contents are presented in electronic format, then we can offer very competitive prices for websites with a large number of pages.

There are also a larger number of options available for writing large websites, and a dynamic database driven website may be more appropriate and cost effective. We can advise on this. See below for database driven website prices.

Database driven websites

Cornish WebServices have experience of creating database driven websites, and are able to add database driven pages to an existing website. Database driven websites are usually required for medium to large shopping carts, but also for websites with a membership or registration process.

Adding a database to a website requires a database (!) plus writing code to communicate between the website and the database. Costs of database driven websites depend largely on the complexity of these interactions. In addition to the interaction of the website with 'users', there is often an administration part to consider. We can advise on this. It is likely that hosting costs may be slightly more for a database driven website.

For shopping cart or catalog type databases, another factor in the cost is who is going to input all the initial data.

Contact us for a realistic quotation as website prices for this type of work vary significantly, but would typically be in the range of £700 - £5,000.

Online payment - prices

These can usually be added on to one of the above websites for about £200 - £500, depending upon the exact method used and the number and complexity of possible purchases. For more than about 20 products a shopping cart type website is needed. See the section above for a guide to shopping cart prices.

This is always done via a secure server, and Cornish WebServices have experience of working with most of the common secure payment systems.

Small Shopping cart website prices

To design and create a website selling a few products using a secure server to receive credit card payments will cost upwards of £700. Contact us for a more accurate price, as requirements vary.

When designing small shopping carts, it is important for the website to be written with search engine optimisation in mind - assuming that the purpose is to make sales!

Many of the DIY commercial shopping cart applications are written in a manner that makes it hard for the search engines to index them. We sometimes make use of 3rd party software, but only when the final website will be easily indexed on Google and the other major search engines. Search engine optimisation is always included within any website price that we quote.

E-commerce - prices

A full shopping cart with database would cost from £2,000 upwards. The exact amount is very dependant upon the way the client is able to give us the information. If this is already in electronic format the costs are lower. We are also able to create databases if required or move data from an existing database onto an online one for integration with an e-commerce website.

Contact us for a realistic website design quotation.

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