Website Accessibility Testing Service

Cornish WebServices provide a range of services relating to accessible websites. These include:

  • accessibility consultancy
  • accessibility testing
  • creating accessible websites
  • modifying existing websites to meet current disability legislation.

Cornish WebServices have always created reasonably accessible websites, and within the company these have been tested with screen readers such as JAWS.

Automated accessibility checking

There are automated accessibility checkers provided by Watchfire and W3C - but these are not perfect. There are occasions (particularly with pull down menus) where to pass the automated checker requires changes to the code that make it harder for JAWS or other screen readers to navigate the page. This is unhelpful.

In 2004, Cornish WebServices relied extensively on these automated checkers - but in 2005 we reverted to actually checking the websites with a screen reader.

Screen Reader Testing

The most popular screen reader for blind users is JAWS (Job Access With Speech) as this offers a good deal of functionality for those who spend some time on the Internet or working at a PC. The JAWS software is not cheap and this means very few webdesign companies have access to this technology, and even fewer webdesigners have used it.

Cornish WebServices test parts of all websites they design with JAWS and we now offer this as a service to other webdesign companies or organisations wishing to check the accessibility of their website.

Accessibility Testing

Cornish WebServices offer a range of accessibility testing, suited to websites of varying size and complexity.

Full accessibility testing for large e-commerce sites

We are able to fully test the functionality of these websites using the JAWS screen reader. Contact us for a quotation as costs vary with the complexity (rather than size) of the website.

Full accessibility testing of smaller websites for organisations requiring an accessible website

We will use the JAWS screen reader to check that all pages of the website are easily reached, that the page content is obvious and that email links and contact forms are workable. If the website has extra functionality such as online payment or registration facilities, we check that these are all usable by a screen reader.

This service also includes checking for valid code, working links and colour blind safe colour schemes.

Contact us for an accurate cost (depends upon website size and functionality) but as a rough guide prices start from £100+VAT for a small website.

Accessibility testing of the main website pages

We offer a scaled down service where we check the homepage, another main page, and the contact page for ease of use with a screen reader. In our experience this will highlight over 95% of any website problems, and provides an affordable accessibility testing service to small organisations on a limited budget. Cost of this is £80+VAT which includes a report highlighting any accessibility problems encountered. Contact us to arrange a basic accessibility test for your website.

This is the type of testing Cornish WebServices employ as standard on websites they design.

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