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We believe that websites are marketing tools. Do you?

  • Is your website visible on the major search engines?
  • Are you getting plenty of good quality traffic?
  • Is your website producing leads or sales or enquiries?

If the answer is no, then contact us for a quick quotation on how we can help.

Why is search engine optimisation important?

Research shows that (in 2006) over 85% of Internet consumers use search engines to locate the information, products or services they require. Internet usage within the UK population is also growing, so that now for many businesses the Internet is THE most important market.

Search engine optimisation is about getting your website visible high up in the search engines.

What are your search engine optimisation prices?

These vary enormously depending on the type of website, quality of code and competitiveness of market, but more information is on our SEO - Prices article. Contact us for an immediate assessment of your website and an indication of likely search engine optimisation costs.

With Search engine optimisation are there any disadvantages?

Yes - read our article on disadvantages of search engine optimisation.

Why Choose Us for Search Engine optimisation?

We are an Internet Marketing & website design company.

Before the phrase "search engine optimisation" was coined, we were creating websites that naturally obtained the top positions in the search engines. This gave us a head start on the competition.

Since 2003, search engine optimisation has been one of our core services along with PPC management and accessible website design. It is not an added extra that we outsource, but a central part of our work. Our website design clients gain an unfair advantage in that we only create accessible search engine friendly websites, but we also undertake search engine optimisation and marketing on existing websites.

Our Search Engine Optimisation Services

Cornish WebServices only use ethical, long lasting techniques. We do not advertise our search engine optimisation services through paid advertising, but successfully rely on visitors from the major search engines and from recommendations for all our search engine optimisation work.

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