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Remap Website A charity that invent custom made equipment for people with disabilities

This website was designed based on the Remap logo. We took their company colours and designed a website based around it. We designed this website so that it could be used with Adobe Contribute so it could be updated regularly. They also came to us with some special requirements.

When they first came to us, Remap had a huge problem with spam. All their regional panels email addresses were listed on the site and as a result were being picked up by crawlers and sent miscellaneous emails. In addition to this the contact form on their website was not working correctly and enquires were not able to contact the correct panel.

Remap requested us to produce a map, which showed all of their panels. A user could then click on a particular panel on the map and through this locate the appropriate contact information. If they wanted to email the panel, they could click a button and fill out a form, which would then be sent to the correct panel. This needed to be implemented in such a way that the email address would be hidden from view. This would prevent spam crawlers from being able to harvest the email addresses and would ensure that the email address would go to the correct panel, provided the correct panel was clicked on in the map view. Remap also requested an alternative search method that would provide the user with the panels that were nearest to their location when the user typed their postcode. All of this functionality had to be easy to update by staff that would have a limited knowledge of computers.

Based on these requirements we created a Google Map of the United Kingdom and plotted all the panels on the map. The markers for the panels were placed in the centre of the region in which they operated.. When a user selected a panel they would be given the name of the panel, a contact for that specific panel as well as various phone numbers. On this informational window there is also a link, this directs the user to a contact form which indicates which specific panel they are contacting. Once the form is filled out it is then emailed directly to the correct panel. The postcode search functionality was also provided alongside the Google Map this provided the closest three panels to the location entered. The information displayed on the Google Map was stored in a database. This database was connected to the map and the contact form to allow the map to be flexible and dynamic. This meant we could provide a backend administration system for Remap to allow them to easily update the data. A miniature version of the Google Maps was placed within the admin system to allow Remap to find the exact point of a panel graphically. We implemented this in such a way that interactive tools of zooming and dragging the map could be used to find exact centre points for their panels. This meant all Remap had to do was press one button when they were happy with the target destination and the data would be stored and uploaded to the map on their website. This administration system allowed Remap to add, edit and delete current panels and the information associated with them.

To see this functionality and the website go to www.remap.org.uk

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