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Website Usability

Website Usability is about how real people actually use computers. It is sometimes referred to as Human Computer Interaction (HCI).

Website Usability requires knowledge of both technical computing issues such as screen resolution, browser characteristics, and operating systems but also human behaviour issues such as communication theory and cognitive behaviour (memory and recognition).

Website Usability considers how website visitors view, navigate and use a website to get information or entertainment. This is an important part of designing an effective website.

Website Usability include two main areas:

  • The ‘user experience’ in terms of how the website appears to most people.
  • Consistency of experience for all users. Websites are different to print material in that they look and operate differently under different operating systems, browsers, screen resolutions and even for different computer setups. Website usability should consider all these technical aspects to ensure the website design works well under all required conditions. Partially sighted users and others using assisted technology to navigate the website.

If a website is designed considering website usability issues then it will be as easy as possible for website visitors to view, navigate and gain information from the website. But website usability is not sufficient when designing an effective website, and other considerations relating to Internet Marketing must be considered. An effective marketing website aims ‘to drive’ visitors through the website to certain pages, rather than simply creating an easy to navigate brochure.

When creating an effective marketing website, website usability and marketing considerations are both important.

The Internet Marketing considerations will consider one or more of the following in terms of users

  • Remember the website (an often overlooked aim)
  • Signup for more information
  • Buy a product or request more information

But an effective marketing website design must also consider the search engine robots as a different type of ‘user’. These must easily navigate and see all relevant content.

In conclusion, website usability is an important consideration along with website marketing that should be made use of when designing and building a website.

Looking for a website that is both visitor friendly and a marketing tool?

Within Cornish WebServices, we have staff who have studied website usability and HCI (human computer interface). We also have staff who use the JAWS (Job Access With Speech) software, the market leader for non sighted people accessing the Internet and are able to design and fully test websites to W3C AAA standards.

As Cornish WebServices are an Internet Marketing company, we prefer to design websites as marketing tools which create value for a business, rather than a simple ‘online brochure’ for visitors to simply look at. Cornish WebServices have been designing search engine optimised websites as effective marketing tools since 2002.