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SEO Prices or "How long is a piece of string"

Quoting for SEO work is not the easiest job if you wish to provide a good service tailor made to a particular website and market. But generally speaking prices range from zero (for website we have designed in less competitive markets) through to a figure of order £1,000 per month. So the piece of string varies from very short to quite long, but not infinite!

What affects the price of SEO?

This is easier to answer.

1. The website code - how well it is written, and this depends on the quality of work of the web designer

2. The website page copy - this is the text (not the images) on the webpage’s

3. The target market - how competitive it is.

And note there is no mention of visual appearance. The visual design has little impact on SEO, but should still be considered as part of the total "search engine marketing" process. The visual design impacts on visitor conversion rates.

Do you offer 'Standard Packages'

When we find several websites that are coded the same, have the same standard web copy and same market competitiveness we will offer standard packages. But we have three sets of tasks that we undertake as part of our SEO process. Some websites need to start at task I, others at task II.

Tasks I - these form part of the internal quality checks for standard websites that we create, so are never required on our own websites. Costs to do this vary from £50 through to the cost of rewriting the entire website, excluding the visual design. This will get any website in a niche market into a very good position on the search engines.

Tasks II - required for more competitive markets, with more emphasis on strategic SEO techniques. Many websites reach top 10 positions with this level of SEO, particularly off-line businesses. Typical total costs will be upwards of £500, possibly significantly more.

Tasks III - serious SEO for very competitive markets and looking for long term sustained results in the top 10. Likely to include quite a few extra features within the website, and the website will end up large. Almost certainly over £1,500, possibly quite a lot more.

Our SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) Prices

Contact us for a realistic quotation for your website. We can usually give rough cost guide having looked quickly at the website code, and then suggest a suitable initial fee and possible monthly fee.

Cornish WebServices only use ethical SEO techniques. We do not advertise our search engine Optimisation services through paid advertising, but successfully rely on visitors from the major search engines and from recommendations for all our search engine Optimisation work. We were one of the first UK companies offering search engine marketing, and continue to manage our own website in house.

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