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Search engine positioning involves optimising your website to achieve targeted visitors and high rankings in the major search engines. There is no point in having the very best of graphic design if no-one ever visits your website. Many website design companies (and clients) place almost all emphasis on the website look and functionality, but none on how potential visitors will arrive at the website. Cornish WebServices prefer to start by considering how visitors will arrive at the website, and then consider the design issues second.

Cornish WebServices automatically offer an annual maintenance with all websites we create and optimise. This is because website positioning takes time. And also because new local or subject specific directories may appear that are worth being included in.

Search engine positioning timescales

It usually takes one or two months before the website starts gaining higher positions in Google. We expect this to gradually rise over a period of 2-3 months as the effect of being included in other relevant directories takes affect.

We do not make use of any techniques that could be regarded as "search engine spamming". Some of these can give high rankings quickly but you risk being penalised and barred from the Google search engine.

We do not bulk submit websites to 1000's of search engines; this is pointless as virtually no-one looks at them. The biggest affect of subscribing to these bulk submit programs will be a huge increase in spam email. Instead we submit websites to the most important search engines (having already optimised the website).

Search engine positioning results

As a general rule, websites that have been redesigned by Cornish WebServices receive between 50% - 500% more visitors per month than the original website received per year. This corresponds to a 60-fold increase in visitor numbers. These results are based upon 'unique website visits' and not 'website hits'. This latter figure is not very useful for modern websites, where one webpage can produce a large number of hits.

All websites that we have designed or redesigned have achieved number one rankings on Google, Yahoo and MSN for some keywords. Many websites also achieve top page rankings on Google, Yahoo and MSN for competitive keywords.

Some examples of search engine positioning

For each of our SEO clients, we have achieved several Top 10 rankings for 2-3 word key phrases.

Here is just a selection of Top 5 rankings with just 2 word key phrases:

Client:               Triage Healthcare

Rankings on Google (October 08):

#1 for alcohol rehab
#2 for alcoholism rehab
#2 for stop drinking

Client:               Data Capture Solutions

Rankings on Google (October 08):

#2 for document scanning
#2 for invoice scanning
#4 for document management

Client:               Triage Healthcare

Rankings on Google (October 08):

#1 for addiction advice
#3 for addictions treatment
#4 for addiction centres

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