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This page gives some information on the recent changes on the major search engines.

Google search engine in 2005

In 2005 there have been changes to the Google search algorithm. We are very happy with these changes as they favour well written websites with plenty of content. Compared to Yahoo and MSN, Google still has more of a history affect (or dampening affect if you are an engineer). It also appears that Google is now making use of LSI (Latent Semantic Indexing) rather than simple keyword searches. Latent Semantic Indexing uses similar or related words as well as the keyword searched on. This of course has implications for both natural search engine optimisation and PPC advertising.

Google search engine before 2005

A very long time ago (i.e. 2 years ago) Google could unreliably be expected to update the rankings (SERPS) of all websites about monthly. Occasionally the 1 month became 3 months, giving headaches to good webdesigners and search engine marketing companies alike. By 2004 these updates were no longer at discrete regular intervals but gradual changes were observed.

Google's PageRank algorithm based on back links to a page worked very well until the creation of software to automatically generate large numbers of reciprocal links. Thankfully the PageRank algorithm has now been adjusted to exclude most (maybe all) the benefit from such pointless links. Relevant links do still seem to be of value.

MSN search engine updates

At the beginning of February 2005, MSN officially launched its new search algorithm. We had already tested most client websites on the beta version of this search algorithm and all have performed well. Historically Cornish WebServices have always been particularly successful in gaining high rankings on MSN and we intend this to continue.

Yahoo search engine updates

There were major changes on the Yahoo search engine in 2004. In early 2004 Yahoo was our favourite search engine with regards search engine optimisation and we could almost guarantee a top page ranking for any keyword. Unfortunately many other SEO companies now also optimise for Yahoo and so gaining a top ranking takes more effort. But it is still possible...

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