SEM or Search engine marketing

Search Engine Marketing

Search engine marketing refers to a variety of activities aimed at increasing the ROI of your website, or increasing the profitability of a business through your website. It involves using a combination of techniques such as natural search engine optimisation, paid advertising through either pay per click (PPC) campaigns or through directory or paid listings, email marketing and other Internet marketing activities.

A major reason for a company such as Cornish WebServices providing all these services is that there is a huge overlap in the analysis required to do any of these marketing activities successfully.

Search engine marketing analysis

The starting point for search engine marketing (SEM) is usually the target market. Keyword research is just one of many important parameter to consider here. There is no point in optimising a website for keywords that are of no benefit. Similarly paying for clicks on poor quality keywords is of no business benefit. Some of this work can be done before a website is created, but there is also a lot of target market data that can be gleaned from web logs and other data once a website is being visited. This is why the best search engine marketing is an ongoing process.

Search engine marketing results

The Internet is arguably one of the best mediums for tracking, recording and analysing advertising spend. Any business or organisation that has a professionally hosted website should have access to the website log files. These contain much valuable data on visitors to your website provided you have the tools to analyse them.

The major PPC providers (such as Google AdWords and Overture) provide a ROI analysis for paid visitors to your website. Cornish WebServices usually recommend also tracking or analysing the non-paid visitors to your website, as for a well optimised website these may represent a high percentage of visitors. For several of our clients this represents 100% of visitors.

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