Search Engine Optimisation and Internet Marketing prices

When we design and create websites, we automatically optimise the website for search engine visibility. But we are also able to optimise existing websites to help them achieve higher search engine rankings.

The cost of this varies considerably with the size and complexity of the website, as well as the standard of the existing code. Well written html code is much quicker to optimise than that produced by some of the early less good html editors. It is now possible (but not often done) to produce search engine optimised websites with current html editors.

Search Engine Optimisation Costs at the design phase

This page gives a basic introduction to search engine optimisation costs. If search engine optimisation is considered when the website is designed, then the additional design costs are very low. Cornish WebServices estimate that it costs an extra 5-10% at the design phase to create a naturally search engine optimised website.

This cost is already included within any website design quotations given by Cornish WebServices. These costs are lower than those quoted by some website design companies. This is because Cornish WebServices have always designed accessible and search engine optimised websites.

Search Engine Optimisation Costs for existing websites

The costs involved very much depend on the size and complexity of the website and the way in which the website has been written. Any website that is accessible will be very cheap and quick to optimise for particular keywords. Contact us for a realistic quotation.

For smaller organisations that maintain their own website, we also offer to optimise the homepage and one other page, leaving the client to make the corresponding changes to the other pages. Again the costs involved very much depend upon the size and complexity of the website and the way in which it is written. A large well written website is the easiest and hence cheapest to optimise. Websites full of graphics with little text take longer to optimise for search engines.

Prices for search engine optimisation

As a very rough guide, a small website of about 5 pages can be search engine optimised for about £175. For this you would expect to see a significant increase in Google rankings over a period of months. Note that search engine optimisation cannot guarantee to produce results overnight - the timescales depend very much on the frequency at which the major search engines make their updates.

Our search engine optimisation services would also usually include obtaining entries in relevant directories and reciprocal links as appropriate.

Prices for Reciprocal Links

For a typical business website, Cornish WebServices charge £500 to create a useful page of reciprocal links. We expect this work to take several months to complete, and the results should be an increase in PageRank within 6 months; it is not possible to guarantee faster times than these as the part of Google that defines PageRank is very slow to update.

PageRank is a number, roughly on a logarithmic scale, that shows how important Google thinks the webpage is. This is one of the important parameters in determining the position or rank in the search engines.

We are aware of much cheaper reciprocal link providers, but it is more important to acquire a few good links than a large number of useless links. Some links can also be harmful, such as those from LinkFarms or from FFA (Free For All) pages. Cornish WebServices do not use these type of links when exchanging reciprocal links.

Cornish WebServices would strongly advise against 'free' link providers. These may generate more website traffic in the form of email harvesters. They are likely to produce large quantities of spam emails and very little useful website traffic. Some such sites risk your website being banned from search engines.

Prices for Internet Marketing

Search engine optimisation is only one part of Internet Marketing. If you have a search engine optimised website then the benefits from other forms of marketing are far greater. This means that a PPC campaign will achieve far greater results for a search engine optimised website.

Internet Marketing covers a variety of techniques such as website positioning, advertising, email marketing and market research. Website positioning is discussed in more detail on the search engine optimisation page. Our internet marketing page explains various types of Internet Marketing in more detail.

We can advise on or carry out on a clients behalf various PPC (pay per click) advertising schemes. The cost of these would start at around £300 (including the search engine optimisation process) - but contact us for realistic estimates as in competitive markets significantly higher PPC budgets are required. Some areas are more competitive than others and would require a larger marketing spend (over £200 per quarter) to achieve significant results.

In most instances, it does not make business sense to spend a large amount of money on any PPC campaign without first naturally optimising your website. The major benefit of PPC is speed of results. With Google AdWords it is possible to gain visitors within 10 minutes. Natural search engine optimisation is a longer term process with the benefits being realised over a period of months rather than minutes.

The cost of Internet marketing work includes reports detailing the ranking of your website on various search engines.

We can also analyse the best keywords to target. Choosing the optimum keywords is a very important part of managing a PPC campaign, as some keywords are more effective than others at driving useful traffic to your website.

How to market a website as cheaply as possible

If you are a charity or organisation with limited funds, then use them wisely. We would recommend paying someone to create an accessible search engine optimised website that 'markets itself', rather than obtaining a poor quality website that requires advertising to attract visitors.

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