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Rethink the Horse Tax

Rethink Horse Tax
Rethink Horse Tax
Rethink Horse Tax
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Cornish WebServices created a website to support the ‘Rethink the Horse Tax’ campaign. The proposal to tax horse owners was partly aimed at managing equine disease, but it immediately raised concerns amongst horse owners about the potential impact of extra bureaucracy and mounting costs. Many also feared it may impact on horse welfare.

Cornish WebServices created an accessible website for the campaign, where those opposed to the horse tax could read about the proposals and sign a petition against it. The layout was very simple with interactive buttons for visitors to click on to sign the petition or to follow the campaigns progress on the social networks.  

The opposition to the new legislation was successful, with the proposed horse tax now shelved by the government. This success was aided by accessible website design produced by Cornish WebServices. Progress updates continue to be added to the site as they happen, the latest being news about a proposed government-industry partnership to combat equine disease.

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