Free Web Hosting

We do not recommend using the free web space provided by ISP's for most websites. There are several reasons for this.

  • Slow servers with a poor response time and longer than average downtimes.
  • Unwanted advertising included on your webpages. You can often remove this, but the cost is often greater than using a reliable host to start with.
  • Webpage code altered by the host company (often to include advertising), resulting in pages that are very hard to get indexed on search engines.
  • Very long webpage addresses. These not only look unprofessional, but are also not favoured by search engines and will make marketing your website much harder and cost far more than the costs of a decent host.

Web hosting services by Cornish WebServices

Cornish WebServices can, if required, provide suitable web hosting services for clients using our website design or marketing services. We will either use our our own dedicated server (maintained by a 3rd party hosting company) or use our experience to select a good quality and value for money hosting company. This choice is partly governed by the size and no. of visitors to the website, although the web host we usually use can cater well with very large and high volume websites.

All hosting includes good web statistics, full scripting and database facilities and multiple email accounts. Our business is Internet Marketing and website design. We do not make money from client hosting, but provide this as a service (it is often quicker for us to use our dedicated server than sort out problems on client hosts).

We are also happy to work with any existing host a client has, provided this can provide the required level of service. Although we prefer to work with unix servers, especially for database driven websites, we do not insist on this and are able to work with other types, such as Windows servers.

Email usTel: +44 (0)330 555 4680

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