An IPS TAG is a unique identifier given to each Tag-Holder with Nominet (the registry for all UK domain names). Tag-Holders are the 'Domain Name Companies' that provide domain name registration services. They include specialist domain name companies, hosting companies, ISP's and others such as web designers

The IPS-Tag is a single alpha-numeric sequence, in uppercase, sometimes hyphenated.

What is a Tag Holder?

Unusually compared to other countries, Nominet does not normally handle domain name registrations directly, but uses 3rd parties or 'tag holders' . They are so called because each owns a unique tag known as the IPS Tag.

Almost anyone can become a 'tag-holder'. There is fierce competition and many domain name specialist companies offer good value with no transfer out fee. Various ISP's, hosting companies and website design companies are also 'tag holders' and can register domains. Be careful about very high 'transfer out fees' and slow levels of service and poor quality setups with such companies.

NIC Handle

A NIC (Network Information Centre) handle is an unique alpha-numeric character code used to identify information associated with a particular domain name. This information is stored in databases maintained by the domain registry or NIC, hence the name NIC Handle. The information stored includes details such as who registered the domain and contact details.

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