Domain Names and Business Continuity

Cornish WebServices have always had a policy of using separate companies for dealing with the domain name and the hosting. There are several reasons for this:

  • Business Continuity - should there be a problem with the host server
  • Cost - specialist domain name companies are usually the cheapest domain registrars
  • Expertise - specialist domain companies usually have more expertise in dealing with dns records. They are more reliable (the servers are not dealing with client hosted websites).

If the same company acts as BOTH the domain registrar and provides hosting, then if they experience a problem with their servers (not uncommon for web hosting) your website risks being unavailable for a significant period. More of a problem is that you can do nothing about this.

By using different companies, then if the hosting fails it is possible to quickly switch to a different hosting company. This may significantly decrease the time your website is unavailable.

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