Client Recommendations

Most of our clients find us either through the search engines or from other client recommendations. We have NEVER needed to use paid Internet Advertising to market our search engine optimisation services. We rely on natural search engine optimisation to be near the top of the search engine rankings for the keyword phrases that matter.

The following are a selection of comments from our website design and Internet marketing clients.

Website design and Search Engine Marketing for small business

I would like to most sincerely thank you for all that you did for AlphaLAW. Your help, guidance and advice proved invaluable to me regarding the design of our web site and to making full use of Google and all of its features. Your quality of service, skills and ability to discuss problems in a friendly and understandable manner were exceptionable.

John Meehan, AlphaLAW - January 2009

Website design and SEO for an energy company

Rachel combines an excellent combination of communications expertise, graphic design, and search engine optimisation (SEO) know-how. I was delighted with the web site she created for our company ( and we will shortly be asking her for help on SEO optimisation as phase 2 of our engagement with her. Work she has done for colleagues of ours has got them onto page 1 of google - you cant get better than that

Peter Franklin, Energy Consultant, Enstra Consulting - February 2009

Website design for holiday cottage

The site has been a success from our perspective supporting our efforts admirably in advertising in magazines and papers.

Dave Cousans,Clynnog Cottage - November 2005

Website design for holiday cottage

The site has been a success from our perspective supporting our efforts admirably in advertising in magazines and papers.

Dave Cousans,Clynnog Cottage - November 2005

Search engine optimised website designs for small business

BTW I had a job as a direct result of the web site. I came up close to the top in his google enquiry. Obviously something works!

Peter Blackman , peterbphotography - September 2005

This website is maintained and updated regularly by the client. As with all our websites it was written to be highly visible to the search engines.

Website design for small business

Just to let you know that I have recommended your services to a business colleague of mine, she was very impressed with 'In The Dog House' website.

Marie , - September 2005

Website redesign for a database driven website

Thank you so much for all your help, it has been am absolute pleasure to work with you on this project. If you would like to pass my contact details on to any potential clients I would be more than happy to recommend Cornish WebServices.

Amand Bowens, ladder4learning - June 2005

At a first look I think that all those who have worked on this new design should be congratulated as it looks good and seems to work very well.

Nigel Keir, ladder4learning

Search engine optimisation for a small business website 1

Just to let you know that I am presently coming up 11th on a Google search for Pharmacy Consulting. Pleased with that-thanks.

Richard King, Pharmacy Consulting - April 2005

Before we undertook some search engine optimisation work, this website could not be found anywhere at all on Google or the other major search engines. Within 2 days of us completing the work, Pharmacy Consulting were on the top page of results for both MSN (ranked 1st or 2nd) and Yahoo. Within a few months Pharmacy Consulting was listed high on Google for longer keywords phrases and search engine rankings have continued to improve. The content and ongoing search engine optimisation are now handled by the client.

Search engine optimisation for a small business website 2

I did a Google search yesterday on art online hampstead and came up  on page 2.. Not bad! Quite an improvement on "site unknown".

Ben Greenstein, Art Online Hampstead - April 2005

Website design and marketing of a small website for a visitor attraction in Canterbury, Kent.

Cornish WebServices redesigned the Eastbridge Hospital website in 2003 to attract more visitors to the website and to increase visitor numbers at the historic Almshouse. Visitors to the website have increased significantly (by over 1500%) and more importantly, the actual visitor numbers to the tourist attraction have also increased.

Since you created our website visitor numbers to Eastbridge have increased significantly and at a time when other attractions in Canterbury have witnessed fewer visitors. Save for the website we have done nothing else to raise awareness and so the logical conclusion must be the website is primarily responsible for the increase in visitors. We are therefore enormously grateful to you for all the help you gave setting up the site and also for continuing to monitor its progress.

Nicholas Andrews, Trustee of Eastbridge Hospital

For this tourist website we have achieved these results purely by designing an accessible website and ensuring good links with relevant tourist directories.

Accessible website design of a larger website for a consumer association.

Cornish WebServices redesigned the website for VLV in 2004 to make it easier for the client to maintain, accessible to all and update its appearance. This website has over 100 pages, most of which now comply with the latest UK DDA legislation. VLV received the following comment from one of their blind members

Bearing in mind that I am totally blind, and use a twelve-year-old computer, I am pleased to tell you that all parts of the website which I thought would be of interest to me were successfully negotiated, including the reply option for this e-mail. Well done VLV!

Peter W, VLV Member

Visitors to the VLV website have more than doubled in the last 6 months to over 5,500 per month. This again is purely as a result of having an accessible website and no PPC advertising has been needed.

Other client comments

Kinn McIntosh, Publisher (for website selling online books)

I think the number of hits the site is getting is quite remarkable - many congratulations.

Les Ellis, KAB (for email/phone support for website maintenance)

Many thanks for you prompt, as always, response.

More references to follow.... please contact us if you would like to add a comment to this page.

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