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We do not use standard templates, so each business website is unique. All business websites are designed with future maintenance and search engine optimisation issues in mind. If the website takes credit card details, then this is all handled on a secure server. We can integrate websites with many different PSPs (Payment Service Providers), and are familiar with a range of different database and shopping cart systems.

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website design for DCS Data Capture Solutions Ltd

  website design for Backworks Backworks

  website design for Kingsley PLastics Kingsley Plastics

website design for DCS Data Capture Solutions Ltd

  website design for DCSB Robinsons Foundry (design)

  website design forPharmacy Consulting Pharmacy Consulting

  website design for photographer Riverstills Photography

website design for African wildlife artist Niki Saunders

  website design for DCSB Shirehall Consultants

  website design for DCSB Hospitality Solutions Ltd


Business websites are usually marketing and/or sales tools with the emphasis on providing a good return on investment or helping the business to increase sales either online through eCommerce or offline by providing an initial point of contact.

When designing a business website, one of the most important considerations is search engine optimisation. A website that appears naturally on the top page of the search engines need spend considerably less on Internet advertising.

Updating and maintaining business websites

Cornish Webservices are able to maintain business websites, including regularly updating or enhancing the website contents but also making checks on links and directory listings to ensure your website is found by the search engines.

These typically cost upwards of £500. We offer either annual maintenance of the website or we can design a website for the client to maintain. This includes making the website visible to and submitting it to various search engines. It is this marketing of the website that is often not done with DIY business websites.

We are also able to revamp existing websites; we have particular expertise in making existing websites accessible and making them more visible in the search engines.

Business websites are a marketing tool, giving information on the services or products offered, and how to contact the business or organisation for further information. These will usually have several pages, email links, and maybe contact forms. They will be linked to various other related websites and well marketed to search engines.

For businesses within the UK and within the EU, there are laws regulating e-commerce and email marketing. This has an impact on any website that sells products or collects email addresses. It is actually the responsibility of the business (and not the webdesigner) to ensure the website complies with this law. There are still many UK web design companies creating websites that do not conform to these standards.

Cornish WebServices design websites to be highly visible to search engines and ensure the website is listed in the appropriate directory listings. We are able to revamp existing websites to make maintenance easier and to make the website more accessible to all users and to search engines. For example, one tourist website now receives an order of magnitude more visitors per month than the previous website received in a year.

For business websites that we design, we consider the website marketing from the beginning. This is much more cost effective than trying to search engine optimise a good looking website afterwards.

In some very competitive markets it may be necessary to use forms of paid advertising such as PPC (pay per click). If this is the case, then any PPC campaign will be much more cost effective if the website was designed to be highly visible to all search engines.

The majority of our websites perform very well (top pages of the search engines) without any PPC advertising. However it can take several months to achieve these top positions.

Large websites need a good navigation system (the 3 click principle states that every page should be accessible with a maximum of 3 mouse clicks). For websites containing a large amount of data, a database driven website may be more appropriate, and Cornish WebServices have the skills to create and maintain such websites. A good example of this is for which we created the page template design. This is a dynamically generated website using a large database of motorbikes and related products.

For organisations not wishing to invest in a database, then we can create easy to navigate websites using drop-down menus. We are one of very few web design companies that can design an accessible website with a drop-down menu. Not only does this ensure the website conforms to current UK disability legislation, it also helps the website perform very well on the major search engines.

Cornish WebServices can also create large company websites with a standard layout across a large number of pages, to give a uniform corporate feel. We make use of the latest stylesheet techniques, and this enables the look and feel of the entire website (maybe with hundreds or thousands of pages) to be changed very quickly and economically if the need arises. An example of this type of website is, a document management company based in Slough, Berkshire.

We are able to maintain and update existing business websites, provided that we can gradually adapt the website code to become more accessible and search engine friendly. A significant part of our work is actually performing search engine optimisation on existing business websites.

Portfolio of business websites

Website design for large business websites

website design of Robinsons website website design of DCS website

Small business websites for consultants or small business

website design of pharmacy consultant website website design of engineering consultant website website design of pharmacy consultant website website design of hospitality consultant website

Small business websites for artists and photographers

website design of artist website website design of Riverstills photographer website

Design of Ecommerce websites

website design of ecommerce website website design of e commerce website

Database driven websites

website design of ladder 4 learning website website design of ladder 4 learning website website design of Plantronics website

We are able to upgrade existing websites to make them conform to the accessibility requirements, or to make future maintenance easier. We can carry out redesign work to update the website image.

Cornish WebServices specialise in search engine optimised and accessible websites that conform to the UK DDA (Disability Discrimination Act). We can design websites to Bobby AAA and WAI AAA standards, so that they are easy to read and navigate using screen readers and other technologies.

website design of Kent Assessors website website design of Kent Assessors website website design of Kent Assessors website
The same webpage viewable with different style sheets.

The Kent Assessors website is a small website that uses several different style sheets to allow the user to switch between standard formatting or large text (either yellow on a dark background or black on a light background). The ability to switch appearance is also used on the much larger Kent Association for the Blind website -

Accessible websites are important for two reasons - firstly they allow partially sighted or blind users and those who cannot use a mouse to read the website. But also because "Google is blind" accessible websites naturally gain high rankings within the Google, Yahoo and MSN search engines.


A selection of the websites that Cornish WebServices have designed and maintained.

Business Web sites:

  • Niki Saunders - website design and internet marketing, S Africa
  • Data Capture Solutions - internet marketing and website redesign with SEO, Berkshire
  • Home Inspectors - internet marketing and website maintenance with SEO, Kent
  • MSS - AlphaLAW software - internet marketing including natural search engine optimisation and PPC, Hampshire
  • Peter Blackman Photography - website design with online ordering of photos, Surrey
  • Head for Heights - database registration for website, Kent
  • Pharmacy Consulting - search engine optimisation, Kent
  • River Stills Photography - website design with search engine optimisation, Kent
  • Shirehall Consultants - website design, Kent
  • In the Dog House - website design for business offering home care for dogs, Surrey
  • Kent Assessors - accessible website design in Kent
  • Totten Interiors - websites design for small business in Kent
  • Clynnog Cottage - holiday accommodation website design with SEO, North West Wales
  • Anji's Condo - holiday accommodation website design with SEO, Florida
  • Buy Local Books - online shopping cart website with search engine optimisation, Kent
  • Hospitality Solutions UK - website design, Berkshire
  • Cornish WebServices - web design and marketing company, Kent
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