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The Quex Visitor Attraction based in East Kent are delighted with their new colourful website which aims to give a taster of the fascinating day out for families, schools and groups that this museum, house and garden has to offer.

quex museum website

Quex Museum includes a fascinating display of natural history specimens collected by the Powell-Cotton family, as well as objects such as weapons, art and textiles from both Africa, Europe and Asia. The previous website did not capture the excitement and interest of the place, and was not written as a marketing tool. So we were asked to provide a website which would help promote the museum as a visitor attraction, an educational resource and as an important collection.

The Quex website has therefore been written with the target markets in mind:

  • families in search of a day out,
  • school teachers in search of an interesting place to take a class
  • groups looking for days out
  • research scientists in African natural and social sciences

quex museum website design


Key features of the new website include:

  • Lots of large images which constantly change, giving immediate interest and movement to the website
  • Clear navigation structure with over 40 pages of main content about the museum
  • Latest events section to highlight new events and encourage repeat visitors
  • Easy for staff to update

Marketing / tourism websites

Cornish WebServices believe that websites are marketing tools. This means they should be highly visible on the search engines, attract a large number of web visitors and transform these into real visitors or enquiries.

After 3 months this new website was attracting 30% more visitors, demonstrating a very significant marketing benefit. When the website was put live there was a large reduction in bounce rate, showing the website was immediately more engaging.

Catalogue of museum artifacts

There are plans to expand the website to include an online catalog of artifacts to further promote the museum for its academic research work in the areas of African social and natural science.

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