Express Labels Website Launched


Dantech approached us to update their Express Labels website. Their website is designed to allow a user to create an asset label product and be able to purchase this online. Asset Labels are designed to help secuirty mark your posessions so deter theives by preventing resale and help reaquire the equipment back. These are particularly used in large businesses.

The idea was to create a website that would allow the user to create their own Asset Labels and pay online and recieved delivery within 2 working days. This model differs from their core businesses who order in larger quantities but allows then to target the SME industries providing an excellent, fast and price competitive service

The website is fully dynamic and the emphasis here is on the user experience. Javascript and Ajax methods is used on the 'design your own label' section to give the user instant results and make the process as easy as possible. We styled the Sage Pay templates to match the theme of the website, to give the user a seamless experience from design, to payment.

To see the website in action, please go to

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