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New website for charity Asociana

Cornish WebServices have provided a website for the charity Asociana which works with people in Argentina.

Asociana, a Social Support group in the Chaco region of Argentina have an English language website for the benefit of UK supporters. A Spanish website is also being developed.

ASOCIANA is supported by the charity SAMS.

Congratulations on the website. It's great to have such a resource and here at SAMS I shall find it extremely useful. I will also make sure that folk on our Northern Argentina mailing lists are aware of its existence.

Robert Lunt, SAMS GB

The work of ASOCIANA is organized around 4 programmes:

•Land Rights and Organization
•Natural Resource Management
•Indian Education
•Community Health

In addition, we are currently engaged in 3 specific projects that involve:

•Publication of a data base on Indian communities in the Chaco region of Salta
•Creation of a local community Radio station, in the Pilcomayo area, for broadcasting in Indian languages
•Legal support for a limited number of cases in which Indian rights are being violated

Visit the website at

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Email usTel: +44 (0)330 555 4680

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