You New Website Launch


A brand new website for cosmetic surgery clinic You New has just launched. Fully designed and developed by Cornish WebServices, the new site showcases the range of plastic surgery procedures available at the clinic.

The content was developed by Cornish WebServices and the sitemap and menus were fully planned by us. We wanted a welcoming and uplifting feel to the site so we used plenty of lifestyle related photos that were still appropriate to Middle Eastern sensibilities, where the clinic is based.

We used a fresh and bright colour scheme that is suitable for a medical/cosmetic related website. Each plastic surgery procedure is carefully explained and some more common procedures are repeated on the menus, so they are easy to find and also for SEO value.

There are testimonials and FAQ pages that also show as content blocks on the left and right, as well as a revolving procedures banner across the bottom of the page. The banner at the top of the page also changes. This makes the content very dynamic and means there is always something new every time a visitor returns to the site.

The You New website is one of many medical/lifestyle websites that Cornish WebServices have developed. We are experts in creating the right tone and look for these type of sites. We also know how to make a website appropriate for the country where the business is based.

You New are a plastic surgery clinic based in Dubai. They offer the latest plastic surgery procedures to a variety of customers from their modern clinic.

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