Search engine optimised flip pages on websites


Cornish WebServices provide search engine optimised flip pages for clients with excellent search and linking properties along with search engine meta tags, and can even include tracking code to measure the usefulness of these flip pages.

Increasingly often businesses are placing copies of their brochures and printed material online, especially their PDF brochures or catalogs. They can simply be placed online to be read as a PDF document.

But with Flash technology they can be made into documents which the user can read by 'flipping the page corners'. This is known as ‘flip-page’ pr ‘page-curl’. The illusion of having a real document to view mimics the natural way of browsing through a physical document. This gives a user experience more similar to reading an actual copy of a physical document or magazine. This flip page technology is commonly used by traditional publishers who want to create a digital version of their document. It is used increasingly to save on printing and mailing costs. Judging by the large numbers of catalogs that are printed and then transported by post before being dumped without ever being opened or read this technology could help ‘save the planet’ in terms of reducing unnecessary paper production.

Cornish flip page generator

Cornish WebServices can supply page-flip documents from PDF, Word or other documents.

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