How to get your website ranked on Google


How to get your website ranked on Google is a question we are often asked.

Unfortunately we are often asked this rather late in the website development process, often once the website has actually been built. But this question (How to get your website ranked on Google) is better asked at the start of the website design process.

To explain this more fully let’s compare two different ways of approaching website development.

Website design followed by Marketing as an afterthought

This is how many businesses develop websites. “I need a new website” is followed by thoughts of colours and graphics and what the new website will look like. A design agency is approached, or an artist friend asked to produce something which looks nice. This is then built into a website and a few months later when no enquiries appear thoughts are directed at making the website visible.

An SEO agency is approached, and they (if they are any good) rebuild the website and start better promoting it. The website will still look nice visually, but it will also be easily found by Google search robots. Notice the unnecessary delay and the added cost of recoding the website? This is a result of focusing on Website design followed by Marketing as an afterthought.

Developing a marketing website

This is how to develop and effective business website. “I need an effective marketing website” is followed by a search for a marketing agency who know how to promote websites. This agency is approached to handle the development of a marketing website. They might redesign the website, or might build a website on a design provided, but the first time the website is built it is built with search engine optimised code.

Whilst this website is being built the marketing agency will already be starting to market the website. When the website is finally completed, much of the initial search marketing has started and new enquiries appear very quickly. This is the result of focusing on a marketing website from the start.

As long ago as 2002, Cornish WebServices were advising ‘if you want a website that no-one (including Google) can find, please use another web designer, as all our websites are designed to be highly visible’. This remains one of our key priorities nearly ten years later, and has helped countless client businesses to expand through a highly visible website.



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