Blind member approves redesigned website


Cornish WebServices redesigned the website for VLV in 2004 to make it easier for the client to maintain, accessible to all and update its appearance. This website has over 100 pages, most of which now comply with the latest UK DDA legislation. VLV received the following comment from one of their blind members

"Bearing in mind that I am totally blind, and use a twelve-year-old computer, I am pleased to tell you that all parts of the website which I thought would be of interest to me were successfully negotiated, including the reply option for this e-mail. Well done VLV!" Peter (Blind VLV member).

Accessible websites also offer huge marketng benefit as they are ranked higher in the search engines.

Visitors to the VLV website have more than doubled in the last 6 months to over 5,500 per month. This again is purely as a result of having an accessible website and no PPC advertising has been needed.

Cornish WebServices believe that websites should be readable by everyone, and this should include people with slow modems, different browsers, or screen readers. This should also include those who cannot use either a keyboard or a mouse, and those who are colour blind or have poor eyesight.

Cornish WebServices design both small and large accessible websites.


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