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Cornish WebServices now provide a range of accessibility audits for websites. There appears to be a gap in the market for this type of audit for smaller websites and the costs of many existing services are so high they prevent organisations from taking this issue seriously.

Cornish WebServices have therefore introduced three types of audit:

1. Full accessibility testing for large e-commerce sites.
2. Full accessibility testing of smaller websites for organisations requiring an accessible website
3. Accessibility testing of the main website pages

Full accessibility testing includes using the JAWS screen reader to check that all pages of the website are easily reached, that the page content is obvious and that email links and contact forms are workable. If the website has extra functionality such as online payment or registration facilities, we check that these are all usable by a screen reader.

This accessibility audit also includes checking for valid code, working links and colour blind safe colour schemes.

Contact us for an accurate cost (depends upon website size and functionality) but as a rough guide prices start from £100+VAT for a small website.

We offer a scaled down service where we check the homepage, another main page, and the contact page for ease of use with a screen reader. In our experience this will highlight over 95% of any website problems, and provides an affordable accessibility testing service to small organisations on a limited budget.

This is the type of testing Cornish WebServices employ as standard on websites they design.

More details on our accessibility audit on our website

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